School safe gluten free vegan snacks for food intolerant foodies

I found out that gluten was an issue when my son was reacting to my breast milk. He had terrible sleep and digestion issues until I took gluten, dairy and soy out of my diet. We thought that was the end, but our digestion problems continued. Many stool samples and blood tests later, we have discovered we have a huge number of food intolerances (17 in the blood test for me and 26 for my son) and some allergies. We still don’t know the whole story yet, but as our intolerances are very similar my doctor suggested categories of chemicals in foods that we had digestive enzyme deficiencies for.
Based on the combination of our food issues, it became impossible to find pre-made snacks for my son to take to school that were also nut free. We can’t have any dairy without six pills and even then it’s not that fun. We reacted less to buffalo milk (it was grass fed and has a bit less casein is my guess). We can’t have casein, eggs, cashews, almonds, corn, red kidney beans, peas, or pistachios in our combined intolerances. On top of those, my son has rice, sunflower seeds, white beans, amaranth, oranges, cabbage, oats, radish, potato, raspberry, pomegranate, vanilla, flax seed and aloe. So, yeah… shopping became difficult. This was not my first time at the adversity-rodeo however, so I promptly developed recipes so that my son will not feel left out and still get to eat his favourite things. On top of that, these are school safe so that other kids with severe nut allergies will not have to be concerned. Plus as type 2 diabetes runs in my family, I try to make my foods low glycemic and the teachers will appreciate kids not bouncing off the walls.

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