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It’s sad that we need to teach doctors about medical issues, or lobby for non-toxic cleaners in our schools and hospitals. Especially when these medical issues have been recognized as disabilities in Ontario as of 2000 and the Canadian human rights commission as of 2007 – but here we are.

Find lists of politicians and an easy way to ask them to change the cleaning products in our public places to scent free non-toxic options. They’re even cheaper!

Also, we need a better system to keep doctors up to date on the latest diagnostic criteria. They won’t do anything unless we make the noise, so start yelling!



When you’ve had as many bad things happen to you as I have, you wear them like medals. I have a bronze in cervical cancer but a gold in lymphedema, a gold in multiple chemical sensitivity, a silver in ehlers-danlos, and I did so well in food intolerances that I could be a coach. We are currently working out yet another ‘thing’ I have medically. I’ve been through infertility, IVF, surrogacy and my daughter was full term still born. Currently I’m a single mom living in Toronto trying to find a way to be able to leave my house.

With a seven year old who has varying degrees of the same medical issues that I have as well as some delightful neuro diversity, it’s been quite the puzzle to make us able to participate in Toronto life. ​

​Fortunately I love problem solving, I don’t give up, and neither should you. We can make a thoughtful world together.

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Thoughtful World is working on a lot of exciting resources for people who are affected by scents, scent maskers and toxic cleaning products. It shouldn’t have to be a battle to find something you don’t react to and we want to fight through the annoyances so you get to live your best life.

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